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Photography Fundraiser

What is a Photography Fundraiser

One of today’s great and unique fundraisers for churches and schools is photography fundraiser.   Just like cookies, cakes, candles or other fundraising products, a portrait is the most treasured of them all.  Offer families in your group and community a beautiful FREE Family Portrait.  The family portrait and photography is provided by Philly Photography at no expense to your group.  Participants will donate $10 to your fundraiser for the photography session.  You can earn $10 per family photographed.  Big profit potential for your group.   Earn $2,000 in 2 weeks!photography fundraiserEasy!

Photography fundraiser is fun, easy and free for any organization who needs to raise fast funds.  Philly Photography works with a network of national photographers who will come to your location to set up a professional studio.  All you need to do is get the families in front of the camera.  Do you know any families?

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How Does It Works?

It is pretty easy and straightforward with no up front money to invest like other fundraising products.  Your group will sell certificates for $10 and every family receives a free portrait.  You keep the ten dollars!   Gather a few key people in your group to go out and spread the word about your photography fundraiser.   With a photography fundraiser you can earn substantial bonuses when you reach 100 or more families photographed.

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Folks love this fundraiser because it’s not a hard sell at all.  Everyone loves pictures and the average family has not had a professional picture in 8-10 years.  This is a great opportunity to get that beautiful picture you always wanted.  These are some of our photography fundraiser ideas that we offer.  We offer family portraits, children’s antique portraits, children’s Hollywood Style portraits and glamour portraits.  Family portraits are our most popular photography fundraiser because everyone loves to capture their families in a moment in time.


We Come To Your Location

We make it very convenient for your participating families to get their photos taken.  We will come and set up a small professional studio at your location.  If you have a space that is at least 14×20, you will have no problem presenting a photography fundraiser.  Families feel more comfortable when they are able to come to a familiar setting such as their church basement or community center.

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Family Portraits are a Hit and Mother Approved Fundraiser

Family Portrait Fundraising includes the whole family and can even include the family pet.  This is a great opportunity to promote family bonding.  It is also a great way to get all the generations together.  It is a very emotional moment to see all the generations photographed all at once.  That becomes a priceless photo.  One that generations to come will always look upon and have fond memories.  It is a great way for your church or organization to reach out to the local community as well.and fundraisers.

Easy Fundraising Ideas

We are dedicated to helping you find new and unique ideas for your portraits.  We show you how you can make thousands of dollars in the process.  There is no risk and no investment.  The quick and easy process requires only a few people to help move the process along.  You just have to have a desire to earn the much needed funds that your group deserves.

Big Profits with Photography Fundraiser?

The Amount Of Money Could You Make?

You are going to generate 100% in the certificate sales of $10 for each family that buys a photography session. Furthermore, we provide incredible additional bonuses that the team could be eligible for in accordance with the number of different households that are scheduled and photographed.  You and the organization have the possibility to earn 300 Per cent from the family photography fundraiser. Try to find that anywhere else inside the fundraiser world!  Call today 877-526-1967 and speak with one of our fundraiser representatives to get a helpful evaluation for your fundraising goals.

photography fundraiser profit chart